Ekaterina (Katya) Garmash

I'm at the final stage of my PhD in machine translation at the University of Amsterdam (ILPS), supervised by Christof Monz and Maarten de Rijke.  During my PhD studies, I interned at the ML/NLP group at Amazon, Berlin from July till October 2016. I interned at the machine translation team at Microsoft Research, Redmond from June till September 2017.

The topics I  have worked on include: syntactic language modeling for machine translation, multi-source neural machine translation, machine translation for morphologically rich languages, conversational modeling. 

I am looking for jobs. I'm interested in a broad range of topics in NLP and other domains of applied machine learning.

Contact: katya.garmash@gmail.com


  • Garmash, Ekaterina and Monz, Christof. Ensemble learning for Multi-Source Neural Machine Translation. Coling, Osaka, Japan, 2016. PDF
  • Garmash, Ekaterina and Monz, Christof. Bilingual structured language models for statistical machine translation. EMNLP, Lisbon, Portugal, 2015. PDF
  • Garmash, Ekaterina and Monz, Christof. Dependency-based bilingual language models for reordering in statistical machine translation. EMNLP, Doha, Qatar, 2014. PDF
For more information, see my Google Scholar profile.