Ekaterina (Katya) Garmash

PhD from the University of Amsterdam (ILPS), supervised by Christof Monz. MSc in Logic (Univesity of Amsterdam), Specialist in Linguistics (Moscow State University). 

Currently a researcher at Huawei Russian Research Institute in Moscow. Jobs before that: data scientist at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Amsterdam), machine learning engineer at Unbabel (Lisbon).  Also interned at Amazon (Berlin) and Microsoft Research (Redmond).

Topics: NLP, source code analysis, machine learning, linguistics

Contact: katya.garmash@gmail.com, Linkedin, Twitter


  • Garmash, Ekaterina and Cheshkov, Anton. Exploring the effect of NULL usage in source code. International Conference on Code Quality, Moscow, Russia, 2021. Pdf coming soon
  • Garmash, Ekaterina. Exploring the correspondence between languages for machine translation. PhD thesis. University of Amsterdam, 2017.  PDF 
  • Garmash, Ekaterina and Monz, Christof. Ensemble learning for Multi-Source Neural Machine Translation. Coling, Osaka, Japan, 2016. PDF
  • Garmash, Ekaterina and Monz, Christof. Bilingual structured language models for statistical machine translation. EMNLP, Lisbon, Portugal, 2015. PDF
  • Garmash, Ekaterina and Monz, Christof. Dependency-based bilingual language models for reordering in statistical machine translation. EMNLP, Doha, Qatar, 2014. PDF